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Selling your home with L. Morse & Associates

We combine superior customer service, experienced professionals, and strategic marketing plans that

will sell your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Here are some steps that
will make selling your home with
L. Morse & Associates. a piece of cake!

*Please note: We at  L. Morse & Associates are always concerned with the health and safety

of our clients. We are committed to following COVID -19 guidelines when showing your home.

All of our agents and clients will be masked and gloved when entering your home.

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1. Direct Follow Up

You’re ready to sell your home so you can embark on some new, exciting chapter of life.


Maybe you’ve recently changed jobs, hope to be closer to your grandkids. We can can make your process of selling your home easy. Just call us, email us or reach out to us through social media.

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2. Consultation

Our expertise meets your home.


When you meet with one of our Agents the selling process will be thoroughly explained to you.


You will work together to identify your needs, gather information on your property, discuss possible improvements or home staging, and ultimately the most important variable

– the price.


3. Listing & Marketing

Your home is ready, the price is set-now its time to let other agencies and potential home buyers know that your property is for sale. We start by listing your home on The Multiple Listing Service (MLS).


The MLS is the most comprehensive source of homes for sale and is the source for national presence on, and Zillow, as well as hundreds of other sites. Next, combining our “tried and true” techniques and strategies we will design a marketing plan that highlights your home.

From email blasts, signage, print advertising , social media to networking with colleagues, business associates and friends ~ L. Morse & Associates will make sure your home has the most exposure possible.

4. Showings

Your home is listed and during this time ~ we are gaining momentum. As a result, you now have potential buyers requesting to look at your home . Each potential buyer will be accompanied by their Realtor to view your home. They will follow the detailed showing instructions that have been indicated on MLS. Typically, the instructions will indicate, ”vacant – just go “ or “ by appointment only”, the choice is yours. Regardless, your property can be accessed using a lockbox hanging on the front door. After the viewing of your home, we will request feedback and present that feedback to you.



5. An Offer

The time will come when one of our potential buyers who viewed your property will submit an offer. Your agent will walk you through the offer explaining the details, evaluating how closely it meets your needs.


You may choose to accept, reject, or counter the offer. By countering, you encourage negotiations to take place in the hope that you and the buyer will come to an agreement that satisfies both parties.

6. Contract to Close

Once you have an accepted offer ~ It typically takes eight to ten weeks to process the purchase and move from the day the binder was executed to the closing table.


During this time, you will need to choose an attorney to represent you. They will draw up a contract of sale. The buyer will have your property inspected by a certified home inspector, and further negotiations may take place based on the results of the inspection and requested repairs. Simultaneously, the lender will order an appraisal to determine your property’s worth, and the title company will warrant that there is a clear and transferable title on the property. During this time, we are in constant contact with all parties to facilitate the transaction.


7. The Closing

Necessary repairs were completed if any. The buyer schedules a final walk thru. Your home is vacant and broom swept. The lender and title documents have been processed. Now, its time to close the sale.


The closing generally takes place at the closing attorney’s office and usually take about an hour to complete. Your agent and attorney will accompany you to the closing. Once your attorney reviews and has you sign all documents provided and funds have been distributed, the keys are passed along to the buyer.


Your home is SOLD!

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